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Drain maintanence

Every drain at some point will clog. Preventative measures simply prolong the time line between cleaning. Avoiding the following is beneficial:

  • Avoid using products with acid or lye as ingredients (look for the or burning causations). These ingredients may intensify the process of corrosion causing expensive repairs or replacement of pipes
  • Avoid putting debris such as coffee grinds, shells from food, grease and food items down your drains

Kitchen sink/dishwasher drains

Grease is one of the causes of kitchen sink clogs. Be aware that if you have a dishwasher the drains are connected. Simply wiping the dishes off with a paper towel before putting them into your sink or dishwasher minimizes the amount of grease going into your drain. Avoid putting coffee grinds and shells.


Toilets are receptacle units. While some toilet papers are plush or thicker than others they may not be the best option. These products will flush but do not easily dissolve. Avoid putting small bottles, bottle caps, toys and "flushable" wipes in your toilet.

tubs and bath sinks

These drain generally get their fair share of soap and hair build up over time along. One of the major clogging culprits is undissolved soap that becomes entangled with hair in your pipes and form hairballs.

Preventitive care can help to lessen the likelihood of a severe clog in the home. Give us a call and we will take care of all your drain issues and teach you how to take care of your drains.

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