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We are licensed master plumbers with over 28 years experience in plumbing repairs, maintenance, service and installation. Our customers range from residential to commercial clients. We offer professional service at comparatively affordable rates.

Our professionals are focused on quality, efficiency and integrity while providing affordable pricings. We handle a complete line of plumbing services.

Our quality plumbing services coupled with innovative solutions has been a driven factor in building the solid relationships we have established with our current and past customers.New Paragraph

Handman Tools


Full Service Plumbing

 Bathroom/Kitchen pumbling fixtures

Drain cleaning and unlcogging

Camera inspections

 Preventative Care

Full Service Plumbing

 Washing Machine/Dishwasher/

Garbage Disposals

Frozen pipe thawing/Pipe replacement and service

Gas pressure testing and certification

Q: How often should I have my drains cleaned?

At least once a year.

Q: How often should I service my heating system and hot water heater?

The boiler and hot water heater should be serviced once a year.

Q: My kitchen sink continously clogs, I've tried using over the counter products and plunging but nothing helps.

The kitchen sink is a receptacle. Therefore there are many causes to the problem. Please give us a call and well be glad to assist you.

Q: Is it ok to use a toilet deodarant?

It depends on the type, while the deodorizer itself is safe to use in the bowl, be careful not to allow the hanger to fall in.

What happens when roots get inside drain lines?

This can cause major damage. In order to properly assess the situation Flow Rite Plumbing Services would need to clean and use state-of-the-art inline drain cameras to view and record your drain problems with roots.

Q: Are tablet ok to use in my toilet?

Yes. However, please be mindful of the ingredients as some may shorten the life of the components of your tank.

Q: Why is there an odor coming from my sewer line?

There could be several reasons you have a smell such as a clog or loose cap on the sewer trap. Please give us a call to determine the exact cause.

Q: Why is water appearing my washing machine?

There could be a clog in the line which needs to be cleared.

Q: Why is my faucet dripping?

Some of the possibilities are the washer, or improper seating of the washer due to wear and tear. This is not a major expense and can quickly be fixed depending of the age of the faucet.

My toilet consistently runs, should I be concern?

Yes. This can be repaired. This affects your water supply to the toilet and will increase your water bill.

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 One of my pipes burst at 9pm so I gave Andy a call. He showed up to my house within 20 minutes and saved the day. I cant thank him enough. He knows his stuff!

- Chris Ganim

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